Love seat.

Lo-res 120 film scan.

Camu App Promo Video

I got to spend the day in a black ostrich feather coat in a black tub. It was ideal.

Dustin Genereux // Mascara de Latex


The beautiful @hattiewatson for @tattoolifemagazine
Photo: Christian Saint - All Rights Reserved
H&MU: Aly Smith

Art T

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Dustin Genereux // Julie K Lingerie // Isobel and Ezra Jewelry

Front Porch Step “Aware”

This was possibly one of the best video shoots I’ve been on recently. A whole day on a boat was great and the whole team was so nice. Jake was quite the sweetheart as well as had a nice dry sense of humor. Check it out and show some love.

Art T // Hopeless Lingerie

Dagny Piasecki

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Art T // Zana Bayne // Hopeless Lingerie

Melvin Jones // Hopeless Lingerie 

Brandon Taelor Aviram 

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Hattie Watson

by Kirstin Anne



hattie watson, 2012

by davis ayer

Miss you Davis. This all needs to happen again one day.