Jon Duenas

© 2012 Portland, OR

Drawing by Cassie Meder aka Casstronaut

Reference photo by Jon Duenas

Featured on Fieldguided

photographer: Jon Duenas
styling: PETALOS
hair and makeup: Destiny Taylor 

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By Mark Sink

(Source: luz-sonriente)

By Eleanor Petry (Seattle, WA)

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By Jon Duenas

Styling by Petalos

Hair/MUA by Destiny Taylor

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By Cami Farcas

By Cami Farcas

By Allison Richardson

(Source: allisonrichardson)

By Allison Richardson

(Source: allisonrichardson)

Love shootin’ with Amanda. She is such a lovely being and her mom makes amazing pancakes! 


behind the scenes shootin’ @hattiewatson 😊 (Taken with instagram)

- Davis Ayer

- Davis Ayer

You probably honestly have no idea how ridiculous Davis looked to get this shot, but it worked and it was a good laugh as well. I can’t wait to see what he got from our running photos. He was literally chasing me while shooting. I am so interested to see how they came out too. This is beautiful and he always keeps amazing me with every photo he takes. 

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- Shayne Stroud

Shayne and I got together just about a week ago and made these amazing photos. It was kind of last minute and we had no idea what we were shooting. She had one idea in mind to go sort of a victorian portrait type way and then she changed her mind. I am completely open minded when it comes to working with her. She has one of the most creative minds i’ve met today. It’s really inspiring and makes me want to strive harder to create more shoot ideas myself. Some of these photos are my new favorites that i’ve taken lately. If I could shoot more content, towards her style everyday, that would be a dream.

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- Davis Ayer