Attention West Coast and Mid-West!


3rd-4th Albuquerque, NM 

5th-6th Phoenix, AR 

6th-8th San Diego, CA 

8th-15th Los Angeles, CA 

15th-22nd San Francisco, CA 

23rd-27th Portland, OR 

27th-August 10th Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC, Canada 


July 27th-August 10th Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC, Canada 

11th-13th Salt Lake City, UT 

14th-20th Denver, CO 

20th-22nd Kansas City, MO 

22nd-24th St. Louis, MO 

24th-26th Nashville, TN 

26th-28th Memphis, TN 

28th-29th Oklahoma City, OK 

29th-31st Dallas, TX 

31st-September 7th Austin, TX 


August 31st-September 7th Austin, TX 

7th-10th Houston, TX 

Booking now. If interested please email me. I will no longer be based out of Austin anymore. I will be on the road traveling for probably at least half a year to find a new and exciting place to settle again.