Dagny Piasecki

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Kristen Wrzesniewski

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exploring austin w/ hattie watson

Davis Ayer

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Gooding_083011_Hattie_Watson_35mm004 by Eggnogg2 on Flickr.

Who doesn’t love a girl who reads?

By Vara Pappas

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By Art T

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By Vara Pappas 

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- Shayne Stroud

Just shot this about two hours ago with Shayne. More to come…

Wardrobe thanks to Feathers here in Austin.

<3 still looking for another animal to match the Boar’s Head in our apartment to go on the other side. 


Hattie Watson’s Boar’s Head!

- Wynn Meyers

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Ladies Night @ Beauty Bar presented by PureFilth Magazine

Check out how the rest of the night went as well.