Hattie on a Dock Light bench.

Lo-res 120 film scan.

Will forever create with this man.


hattie Watson

This is pretty great! Thanks! 

Love when I ruin something by spelling a word wrong. Anyone have some white out?

Killing for love

Ugh. My hands dead now. Just started this sketch and had to ink it.


Second test. Ink on claybord. I’m gearing up to do a 12” x 24” piece in this media. I was super happy with how the little eruption (posted yesterday) came out. I wanted to do a portrait. For the longest time I’ve wanted to draw Hattie Watson. The other day I came across this image of Hattie by Josh Wool and decided to give it a go. I hope neither of them minds me using the image for this test. (It is not for sale) hopefully the freckles worked out well.
Applied black acrylic ink to the claybord with a brush
Scratched the drawing in
Went back in with fine point pens
Lastly took out some lines

This is amazing. I’m so honored.

Early morning doodle for @akitching.

New Design I made for Witch Hazel Tea Co. So happy they gave me a chance in helping design their new logo. It’s all so new to me. Thanks to my friend Marckos Paulo Luiz for helping me get through illustrator. 


Quick sketch of Hattie Watson

For a quick sketch this is pretty amazing. <3


hattiewatson +:)

this is dope.


'Anchor' by Your Humble Narrator.

Used a reference photo of hattiewatson from a corwinprescott photoshoot. 

So great! <3


afternoon sketches of Hattie Watson

This is so beautiful.

Sean Delonas

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