Henry Gaudier

Audrey Kitching and I

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My Apartment

Bunny Lynch

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Model: Hattie Watson

Photo: Christian Saint - All Rights Reserved

H&MU: Aly Smith

Kirsten Anne

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Asher Moss

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Models in the Morning

Hattie Watson | Larry DeMark  Atlantic City 2013

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Kirstin Anne

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Hattie Watson / NTN 

By Nicholas Wilson




Hattie Watson - Brooklyn

by Josh Wool

Hattie is such a pleasure to photograph and one of the sweetest gals I know. 

Josh, that is so sweet. I can’t wait to make more work with you again. Also, we should grab lunch or tea next time i’m in town. Which, will be sooner than later.

By Josh Wool

Corwin Prescott - Hattie Watson - Creep Street

Good morning! Heading to NYC this early morning.