Along for the ride | Mike Lerner

SubtleNYC | Mike Lerner | Photo: Hattie Watson


Mike Lerner is a photographer from NYC. He’s know for being Beiber’s main tour photographer. Mike’s taken his work and has transformed them into exceptionally photographic shirts. These shirts feel amazing and are a good representation of all the work he’s accomplished and his vision of the world and life. 

Don’t miss out and support an artist. 

(Source: mikelernerphotography)


I was trying to figure out a way to do some diy activities for the apartment when I came across ways to make your own terrarium. Ali, Hattie and I headed out to a local farm, bought supplies, and had a fun little hour making them.

(by Mike Lerner)

Did a tad bit of planting today. Love my new roommates.