in the studio with hattie

BTS yesterday with Joey & Jessica. 

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Gloria in the sunshine, behind the scenes with Ax+Apple and Hattie Watson

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BTS with Ms. @hattiewatson doing the damn thing in this @obeyclothing look for @mooselimited


Shot the lovely @hattiewatson lookin bossy for @mltdfemme @mooselimited today!

Was so much fun shooting with Alysha for Moose Limited. Hopefully we get to hang out a bit more when she gets back from SF. It’s been too long since we’ve hung out.


Happening meow. #hattiewatson #philly #photography #model

From my shoot yesterday in the Monaco hotel. Looking forward to these images.

oh haaay. 

Check out the full video w/ John Duah here.

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BTS Ends/Wealth Corp w/Isaac Torres


Check out the whole BTS video for Ends/Wealth Corp shoot here.

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I think we’re going to set the world on fire…

You betcha! :)