Happy memorial day!! Photo by @dennisauburn

"Be positive, patient and persistent."

thecapt10n: Who might you recommend for an awesome tattoo?

Kris Roberts in asheville, nc 

Mike Ski or Dave Fox here in Philly

Scott Move UK 

Emily Rose Murray Australia I think

Darcy Nutt Idaho

Just depends on what style you are going for and where you are located.

xsoldier: Wishes of a most pleasant celebration of your annual solar rotation (or just happy birthday)!! I hope that it's exceptionally excellent and full of wonderful memories for ya!

Thank you so much. Due to wonderful friends, I have a feeling my 28th year will be amazing.

corgisandboobs: Happy (belated?) birthday, Hattie. Your face has brightened many a day on my dashboard. Take care :)

Thanks. It’s today! 

lucaguy: Is this like the real Hattie Watson or just a blog with pics of her?

the real deal.

Different direction for this piece.

miguele3: When you do street shots like the burger stand do you have a hairstylist, make-up artist and special lighting? Also does the photographer bring anything special?

I did my makeup and hair for this and the lighting was natural obviously. But yes, typically there is all of these things. It just depends on the shoot.

brennanhudak: Do you sell Instax photos?

I do! My roommate and I are going to be selling some soon actually of the two of us. I also, have ones that I just took and aren’t of me. 

Nothing better than a good laugh. This is right after we accidentally licked each others tongue because we were going to lick each others face at the same time. Great minds think alike @ryan_olde

The loves of my life. @genessalynn @alicrider_ @ryan_olde thanks for the good birthday dinner and getting me smashed.

"one thing i don’t need
is any more apologies"

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Burgered up with Hattie Watson in Rebel 8 for MLTD.

Styled by Alysha Nett.

I didn’t really eat the burger or shake. O.O

Had a reiki session with @amberhelene last night. By far one of the best things I have done in a while. This month has been crazy for me and Amber really helped put me in the right space before my birthday. If you are in the Philadelphia area, please contact her for a session. Whether you are a skeptic or not, it’s well worth it.

"Every time we refuse honest interaction by belittling our feelings out of self-preservation, we preclude any possibility of growth. By avoiding being vulnerable, we remain in a state of isolated distress."

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