Love seat.

Lo-res 120 film scan.

// first meeting //

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Hattie Watson | Society6

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// 2am, slightly buzzed, and searching for an ATM. Always ends up bringing you to a place you don’t expect to be at two in the morning. //

// with mirrors //

Thanks @scottmove for the new edition the other night at @threekingstattoo. It was so lovely to meet you and can’t wait to see you again. Hope your trip to NYC was great! 🙏

Today with @joshwool

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Road Trip

I’ll be traveling to the west coast this next month to be at a bridal shower in Phoenix for a good friend of mine. I’m going to be booking work a long the way there and back and will be also stopping in Los Angeles for a week of work as well. Interested in booking in any of these locations, feel free to shoot me an email with your idea as well as your work and information. 

booking inquiries:

Travel Schedule

July 28th // Philly-Baltimore

July 29th // Baltimore-DC-Richmond

July 30th // Richmond-Charlotte,NC

July 31st // Charlotte-Asheville,NC

Aug 1st-4th // Asheville-Nashville,TN

Aug 4th // Nashville-Memphis-Little Rock

Aug 5th // Oklahoma City,OK

Aug 6th // Albuquerque, NM

Aug 7th-10th // Phoenix, AZ

Aug 13th-20th // Los Angeles

Aug 21st // Phoenix, AZ

Aug 22nd // Las Cruces, NM

Aug 23rd // Marfa, TX

Aug 24th // Big Bend, TX

Aug 25th-27th // Austin, TX

Aug 28th // Dallas, TX

Aug 29th // Little Rock

Aug 30th // Memphis-Nashville

Aug 30th-Sept 1st // Nashville

Sept 1st // Asheville, NC

Sept 2nd // Charlotte, NC

Sept 4th // Richmond, VA

Sept 5th // DC-Baltimore-Philly

// Look past the vanity to find the truth thats not visible //

// You always told me what I would become. You said I could be so great if I just focused. Hopefully this is the day and the journey to becoming what I was always meant to be. //

// After the run back //

Camu App Promo Video

I got to spend the day in a black ostrich feather coat in a black tub. It was ideal.

// with ladder //